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About Us

Centras means "center" or "core" or simply "the most important thing".

We founded Centras more than 10 years ago and based on three core values: Professionalism, Customer Orientation and Ethics.

We consider our clients as strategic partners and believe in long-term professional relationships.

Our main offices and most of the work team are located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We are flexible and adaptable, which allows us to assume responsibilities in projects in different geographies.

As success stories we can mention that we have traveled through our country as facilitators and trainers of leadership programs for key personnel, we have provided Executive Search, Consulting and Coaching services in cities such as Shanghai, Madrid, Miami and in several countries of Latin America such as Chile, Peru, Colombia, Uruguay, Ecuador, Brazil and Mexico.

Cristian Kuklis


I have a degree in Labor Relations from the University of Buenos Aires and I have a Masters in Business Administration from the School of Business Management (EDDE / UADE Business School). A few years ago I completed a Postgraduate in Neurosciences at Di Tella University, among other training coursesI attended on that specialty. During 2018 I completed a Life Coaching Program at the University of Cambridge. In order to incorporate positive practices of meditation into the reality of individuals in companies, I also completed a Mindfulness Program at INECO Foundation directed by Facundo Manes.

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Prior to founding Centras, I worked in several multinational and national consultancies and collaborated for several years writing articles in the supplement Jobs & Human Resources of La Nación newspaper and in other media. I have vast experience as a university professor, holding a chair and as a part-time/guest professor. The University of Buenos Aires, the University of Salvador and the University of Palermo are some of the universities where I taught in Argentina. I also dictated some workshops abroad.

In addition to my background as a Headhunter, I am a Career Coach for people who are looking for a change in their current work, I’m a also a Speaker on topics related to my profession and I have trained thousands of people in training courses for leaders in various companies.

I enjoy several artistic expressions, being literature, theater and music my favourites. I believe that meditating regularly and allowing some time for total disconnection of technology reduce our daily stress and are key to improve our life quality. Traveling and running are my favorite hobbies.

Diego De Bella


I have a degree in Organizational Psychology from the University of Palermo and I have a Postgraduate in Strategic Management in the same univeristy. I also completed the Executive Coaching Program at the University of Cambridge. I have been always interested in the connection between profesional careers and personal desires of individuals, two concepts that are in permanent friction. This has led me to specialize in both personal and organizational change management processes.

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Prior to founding Centras, I worked in multinational consultancies and services companies within the Human Resources area. I have been Number 1 of the argentine professional circuit in Squash and I have been among the top 100 best players in the world, I have been bronze medalist in Winnippegg Pan American Games and Titular Player of the Argentine National Team for several years. I have won several awards and distinctions and after retiring I have become a high performance coach for profesional athletes. Undoubtedly, the experience I gained during my sports career has allowed me to develop my current activity as executive coach and board advisor of several companies.

I am also a speaker in Argentina and abroad and I have taught different workshops on topics related to leadership. I am a university professor and I have taught at the University of Buenos Aires, the University of Palermo and other prestigious educational institutions.

I enjoy music; I like to sing and play the piano. I am passionate about theater, reading and movies. Both in my stage as an athlete and currently for work, I have had the good fortune of traveling through different countries around the world, which has always been an activity of enjoyment and great personal growth.

María Inés Schwindt

Senior Management Consultant, Mexico, USA & Caribbean

I have a degree in Organizational Psychology from the University of Palermo where I also studied an MBA with Major in Human Resources. I also completed a Diploma in Business Model and Process Management at ITBA. Additionally, I am an ontological and social coach trained in the CEOP and I completed a Specialization for Coaches in Integral Body Approach. I have a particular interest in human development and personal transformation, whether in the private or organizational field, and I put all my passion to facilitate this type of processes.

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Prior to joining Centras, I worked in regional roles for multinational companies  within Human Resources areas and with responsibility over several countries. This gave me a vast experience leading multicultural work teams, both face-to-face and virtual.

In my last professional experiences in companies I have led the redesign of human resources processes within the framework of the implementation of technological solutions and the associated change management. I have extensive experience in the development of leadership programs and implementation of competency models, succession plans and climate and culture management.

I love to travel. I have had the chance to live and work in different countries and it has been a great experience to know and learn about other cultures and their diversity. In addition to my native Spanish, I am fluent in French, Portuguese and English, which I studied with passion to be able to communicate with people in their own language. I enjoy reading, meditating and contemplating nature.

Daniela Fraguas

Senior Talent Acquisition

I have a degree in Psychology graduated from Universidad del Salvador with a Medal of Honor and I also graduated as a Psychology Professor in the same institution. Subsequently, I completed a Postgraduate in Human Resources Strategic Management and different training courses in evaluation and psychological diagnosis, specializing in Psychodiagnosis of Rorschach and Zulliger Test. I also did a Cognitive Behavioral Stress Approach Course at Favaloro University and a Specialization in Cognitive Psychotherapy.

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Prior to joining Centras, I was part of work teams in national companies -both in Buenos Aires and in other argentine provinces- where I worked in recruitment and staffing areas, potential evaluations and training.

In addition to my profesional experience in the HR field, I am particularly interested in the clinical area. For this reason I am going through a concurrence in a public institution, with the aim of internalizing myself in this branch of my profession.

I like to do outdoor activities like hiking, running and training. I am passionate about my career, I enjoy reading, sharing with colleagues and researching to keep myself updated.

Jerónimo Gómez Pércaz

Human Resources Business Partner

I have a degree in Human Factor Management graduated from Instituto Universitario Escuela Argentina de Negocios and I finished the career of Hotel Management Technician at OTT College where I graduated with honors and having received the mention of Potential and Responsibility of my litter. In the year 2017 I finished the course of Applied Finance for the Company for non-financial profiles dictated by Torcuato Di Tella University. I also hold a degree as "International Baccalaurate" from Cambridge and completed my secondary studies at St. Geroge's College North.

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I am a person with varied professional interests. Several years ago I collaborate with Centras in commercial and professional matters, being a specialist in «hunting» of technical and engineering profiles. At the same time, I manage and lead a small company dedicated to the construction of light vessels. Previously, I have worked in national and multinational human resources consultancies, mostly in staffing and training areas, although I have also worked in hard processes consultancy for large clients.

I often teach courses on different subjects and sometimes entirely in English, a challenge that I enjoy because I have a very good use of the tool. On the other hand, I like to provide training with some kind of social function such as assisting young people who emerge from unfavorable situations in their preparation to face and join the labor market.

I consider myself a family man, therefore I greatly enjoy spending time with my wife and children, to whom I give all the space that day to day allows me. My energy to move on does not come only from the moments we spend together, but also from those individual moments in which one manages to connect with each member of the family.

María Florencia De Bella

Public Relations & Communication Partner

I have a degree in Public Relations graduated from UADE, I have been number 1 of the argentine professional squash women's circuit and I have competed around the world in international tournaments.

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Prior to joining Centras and for more than 15 years, I worked in prestigious consulting firms such as Edelman, ZCR Consultores and Identia PR. During my career I have personally attended various companies and foundations of different areas in matters of internal and external corporate communication, corporate social responsibility, institutional image, co-branding and strategy development in social media.

I consider communication as a critical and fundamental aspect in any company, given that it crosses internally all its areas. Towards the outside, it is undoubtedly the key to a positive brand positioning that must be properly addressed to each public of interest. Inward, it is a key tool that enables success in leading people and in the definition of an effective organizational culture. I believe that each space is an opportunity and each silence a place that our competitor will occupy.

In relation to my personal life, I am a mother of two children -Bautista and Julia- who taught me to balance my activities so I can be there whenever they need me. Sport continues to be part of my routines and at this stage I enjoy practicing spinning, functional training and boxing. I like to travel with my family and share moments with friends. I think happiness is found in simplicity.